Marcel-Cristian Voia


A. Education and Qualification

1. Qualification for Full Professor in section 05 - Economics - by the France CNU (February 2016 – No.16105290855)

2. Ph.D., Economics, UWO, November 2005

3. M.A., Economics, Concordia University, November 1999

4. B.A., Engineering, The West University of Timisoara, June 1992


B. Academic Employment

1. Professor - Laboratoire d’Économie d’Orléans, 1st September 2018

2. Professor - Department of Economics, Carleton University,  1st July 2018

3. Associate Professor - Department of Economics, Carleton University, July 2011 - 2018

4. Assistant Professor - Department of Economics, Carleton University, Dec. 2005 - July 2011

5. Lecturer (Assistant Professor Equivalent) – Department of Economics, Carleton University, July 2004 - Nov 2005

C. Affiliations

1. Co-director of the CMFE (Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics) - Carleton University

2. Visiting Professor, Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, winter 2014, 2015, Spring 2015, 2016, Fall 2016, 2017

3. Invited Researcher, University of Orleans, 2018

3. Visiting Professor, UVT, Timisoara, summer 2013, 2015

4. Visiting Professor, Babeș-Bolyai University, spring 2017

5. Researcher at Statistics Canada, Business-Labour Market Analysis Division, 2006 to present

6. Visiting Fellow, Bank of Canada, February 2013 – present


D. Academic Awards and Grants

1. SSHRC Insight Development Grants 2018, collaborator, $44100

2. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant 2016, collaborator, $ 2500000

3. MITACS-TDI grant, August 2015, principal investigator, $15000

4. Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund (OHCRIF), September 2015, collaborator, $20000

5. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant 2012, collaborator, $ 150000

6. SSHRC Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences in Canada:  17 International Panel Data Conference, July 2011, collaborator, $10617.

7. SSHRC Institutional Grant, June 2010, principal investigator, $ 5500.                                           

8. SSHRC Research Grant, April 2009, collaborator, $ 25000.

9. STATS Canada Fellowship, April 2008, $ 20000.

10. SSHRC Research Grant, April 2008, collaborator, $ 40000.

11. SSHRC Research Grant, April 2008, collaborator, $ 72800.

12. SSHRC Research Grant, April 2007, principal investigator, $ 25000.

13. 4A Research Grant, Carleton University, April 2006, S 10000.

14. Start-up Grant, Carleton University, July 2004 , S5000.

15. CIBC Grant, June 2004 - $2000.

16. Special University Scholarship, University of Western Ontario, 2000-2004.

17. Graduate Teaching Scholarship, University of Western Ontario, 2000-2004.

18. CIBC Fellowship, 2002.

19. Second Year Graduate Paper Prize, University of Western Ontario, 2002.

20. Blair Singh Medal, Concordia University, 1999.

21. Romanian Republican Scholarship, The West University of Timisoara, 1991-1992.


E. Publications

1."Empirics of Currency Crises: A Duration Analysis Approach" with Mohammad Karimi, forthcoming Review of Financial Economics

2. "Political Parties in Canada: What determines their entry, exit and the duration of their lives?" with Stephen Ferris, Party Politics, forthcoming

3. "Assessing Credit Risk in the Automated Clearing Settlement System“ with  David Jacho-Chávez,  Robert Petrunia and Leonard Sabetti, Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2018, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/jbnst-2018-0024, 2018

4. “Short-Term and Long-Term Margins of International Trade: Evidence from the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement” with Zhiqi Chen, Frontiers of Economics in China 2018, Vol. 13 Issue (1) : 93-115     https://doi.org/10.3868/s060-007-018-0008-2

5. “Estimation of health care demand and its implication on income effects of individuals” with Hossein Kavand, chapter in Productivity and Inequality -  Springer; 1st ed. 2018 edition (March 3, 2018)

6. “What we should know about housing reconstruction costs?" with T. Hong, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11146-017-9642-z, pp.1-28, (2017)

7. "Love, Money, Location: The Interconnectedness of Marital Status, Income, and Location Choice of Recent Immigrants to British Columbia" with Wen Ci and Michael Haan, Journal of Demographic Economics Vol. 83, Issue 4, pp. 421-444, https://doi.org/10.1017/dem.2017.17 (2017)

8. “Panel Cointegration Estimates of the effect of Interest Rate, Capital Goods, Prices and Taxes on the Capital Stock” with Huntley Schaller, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol.53, pp. 235-250, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmacro.2017.08.001, (2017)

9. “Industry Exit Rates and Employee Separations Using the Canadian Longitudinal Worker File”, with Kim Huynh, Yuri Ostrovsky and Robert Petrunia, IZA Journal of Labor Economics , 6:7, DOI: 10.1186/s40172-017-0057-0, (2017)

10.“Is the Aggregate Size of Government in Canada Too Large?”, with Steve Ferris, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol.173, Number 4, pp. 723-752(30), https://doi.org/10.1628/093245617X14860182052097,  (2017)

11.“Mixed Proportional Hazard Models with Finite Mixture Unobserved Heterogeneity: An Application to Nascent Firm Survival” with Kim Huynh, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, Vol.33, Issue 1, pp 1–94 , DOI: 10.1002/asmb.2225, (2017)

12.“Are Shocks to Energy Consumption Persistent? Evidence from Subsampling Confidence Intervals”, with Firouz Fallahi and Mohammad Karimi, Energy Economics, (2016), Volume 57, 175–183.


13. "The Threat of Domestic Violence and Women Empowerment: The Case of West Africa," with Saikou Amadou Diallo,  African Development Review,(2016) Volume 28, Issue 1, pp. 92-103


14. "Worker Separations and Industry Instability" with Kim Huynh, Yuri Ostrovsky and Robert J. Petrunia, book chapter  Productivity and Efficiency Analysis (2016),  pp 161-174

15.“Convergence in per capita energy use among OECD countries: Revisited using confidence intervals”, with Firouz Fallahi, Energy Economics,(2015), Volume 52, Part A, pp 246-253


16. The Effect of Federal Government Size on Private Economic Performance in Canada: 1870–2011, with Steve Ferris, Economic Modelling, (2015), Volume 49, pp 172–185


17. “Wage Returns to Mid-Career Investments in Job Training through Employer Supported Course Enrollment: Evidence for Canada" with Wen Ci, José Galdo and Christopher Worswick, IZA Journal of Labor Policy (2015), 4:9  doi:10.1186/s40173-015-0035-8


18. "Youth Training Programs and their Impact on Career and Spell Duration of Professional Soccer Players," with Mihailo Radoman, (2015), LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Volume 29 (2) 163–193, DOI: 10.1111/labr.12049.


19. "Identifying Extreme Values of Exchange Market Pressure" with Mohammad Karimi, Empirical Economics, (2015), Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 1055-1078


20. "Finite-sample resampling-based combined hypothesis tests, with application to serial correlation and predictability" with Jean-Marie Dufour and Lynda Khalaf, Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation (2015), Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 2329-2347.


21. "The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Tipping Points and Uncertainty" with Jean-Thomas Bernard, Michael Gavin and Lynda Khalaf, Environmental and Resource Economics, (2015), Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 285-315.

22. “A nonparametric analysis of firm size, leverage and labour productivity distribution dynamics” with David Jacho-Chavez, Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia,  Empirical Economics, (2015),  Volume 48, Issue 1, pp 337-360.


23. "Duration Dependence in Housing Price Market: A Metro Level Test in United States" with Ali Shajarizadeh, Applied Mathematics, (2014). 5, 2935-2944 http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/am.2014.519278


24. "Crises, Capital Currency Crises, Exchange Rate Regimes and Capital Account Liberalization: A Duration Analysis Approach" with Mohammad Karimi, Dynamic Modelling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance - Non-linear Economic Modeling: Theory and Applications, Volume 17, (2014), pp 233-262.

25. "Do Canadian business cycle peaks predict Federal election calls?" with Stephen Ferris, European Journal of Political Economy, 29 (2013) 102–118


26. "Duration of New Firms: the Role of Startup Financial Conditions, Industry and Aggregate Factors" with Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics,23 (2012), pp. 354-362

27. "What are the significant determinants of entrepreneurship?" with J. Stephen Ferris,  Int. J. Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Volume 17, Number 4, 2012 , pp. 415-454(40)


28. “International Income Comparisons and Location Choice: Methodology, Analysis and Implications” with Vivek Dehejia, at Journal of Globalization and Development, (2012), Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages –, ISSN (Online) 1948-1837,DOI: 10.1515/1948-1837.1167.

29. “Initial Financial Conditions, Unobserved Heterogeneity, and the Duration of New Firms” with Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia, Managerial and Decision Economics, (2012) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 33, pages 109-125


30. "Functional Principal Component Analysis of Density Families with Categorical and Continuous Data on Canadian Entrant Manufacturing Firms" with Kim Huynh, Jacho-Chavez David Tomas and Robert Petrunia, Journal of the American Statistical Association, (2011), 106(495): 858-878.

31. “Nonlinear Difference-in-Difference Treatment Effect Estimation: A Distributional Analysis”, with Kim Huynh, Jacho-Chavez David Tomas, in David M. Drukker (ed.) Missing Data Methods: Cross-sectional Methods and Applications, Advances in Econometrics, Volume 27, (2011), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.247-268.


32. “Does the risk or realization of a Federal Election precipitate Canadian output growth?”, with Steve Ferris, Canadian Journal of Economics, (2011) Vol. 44, No. 1.

33. “A Retrospective Analysis of Employment Tenures: Evidence from the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century”, with Luke Ignaczak, LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, (2011), 25 (1) 97–125, 2011.


34. “The Impact of Initial Financial State on Firm Duration Across Entry Cohorts ” with Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia,  Journal of Industrial Economics, (2010), Vol.LVIII, no.3.

35. "Modeling the Contemporaneous Duration Dependence for High-Frequency Stock Prices" with Ba Chu, Finance Research Letters, (2010) No. 7, 148-162.


36. " What Determines the Length of a Typical Canadian Parliamentary Government? " with J. Stephen Ferris, Canadian Journal of Political Science, (2009),Vol. 42, No. 4, 881-910.


37. “A distributional analysis of treatment effects in randomized experiments”,Economics Bulletin (2008), Vol.3, No.36, 1-9.


38. “Estimating Systems of Stochastic Coefficients Regressions When Some of the Observations Are Missing,” with Gordon Fisher, Handbook of Applied Econometrics and Statistical Inference, (2002), Series Volume: 165.


 F. Other Scholarly or Professional Activity

a) Other Publications

1. “Does adult training benefit Canadian workers?” with C. Worswick, J. Galdo and W. Ci, Labour Market Matters, Ed.51, Nov. 2013.

b). Submissions

1. "Up or out! A Firm's First Year and Unobserved Initial Conditions of Entrant  Shipbuilding Firms", with Hossein Kavand and Kim Huynh,

2.“Dynamic Panels with MIDAS Covariates: Nonlinearity, Estimation and Fit” with Charles Sounders, Lynda Khalaf and Maral Kichian, revision requested at  Journal of Econometrics

3.“Analyzing Treatment Effects on Distributions with Complex Structures”, with Mark Bebbington and Chris Bennett, revision requested at Econometric Reviews

4. "Duration Dependence in Employment: Evidence from the last half of the 20th century", with Luke Ignaczak, reject and resubmit Journal of Human Capital

5. "Earnings Returns to Post-Migration Investments in Education: Evidence for Ontario and Canada by Immigrant Admissions Category, 1999-2012" with Ci Wen and Christoper Worswick 

6. "Non-standard Confidence Sets for Ratios and Tipping Points with Applications to Dynamic Panel Data" with Jean-Thomas Bernard, Ba Chu and Lynda Khalaf

7. “Endogeneity in Parametric Duration Models With Applications to Clinical Risk Indices,” with Anand Acharya, Lynda Khalaf, Marcel Voia, David Wensley,

8. "Stochastic Dominance, Estimation and Inference for Censored Distributions with Nuisance Parameter", with Luke Ignaczak, reject and resubmit Journal of Human Capital

9. " Internal Promotion in Compeptitive Sports: Evidence from the English Premier League" with Mihailo Radoman reject and resubmit Journal of Human Capital

10. "Does hotness pay? The relationship between appearance, productivity and earnings for Ontario economics professors." with Anindya Sen and Frances Woolley, reject and resubmit at Journal of Human Capital

 c). Non-refereed publications. Work in Progress

1.  “Estimating the non-compliance in employment experiments. An Application to the Illinois Bonus Experiment” with Tiemen Woutersen

2.  "The Endogeneity of Firm Entry and Counterfactual Duration” with Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia

3. “Finite Sample Properties of Non-linear DID and Semiparamteric MPH Estimators Used to Construct Counterfactual Distributions for Duration Outcome Variables”

4. “Testing if the heterogeneity distribution of a randomized experiment changes during the experimental period”

5. “Efficient Estimation of the Dynamic Linear Model with Fixed Effect and Exogenous Regressors” with Tiemen Woutersen


d). Referee

American Journal of Political Science, Advances in Econometrics, Bulletin of Economic Research, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Econometric Reviews, Econometric Theory, Empirical Economics, Empirical Modelling, Journal of Applied Statistics, Journal of Business Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Urban Economics

e). Reviewer

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

f). Editorial and Scientific Committee Responsibilities

1. Co-Editor with William Greene, Robin Sickles, Lynda Khalaf, Paul Makdissi and Mike Veall of Volume: Productivity and Inequality -2018

2. Co-Editor with William Greene, Robin Sickles, Lynda Khalaf and Mike Veall of Volume: Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, 2016

3. Member Scientific Committee – International Panel Data Conference (2012-Present)

4. Member Scientific Committee –ERMAS 2017

5. Member of the Organization Committee- ERMAS 2018

6. Member Scientific Committee – TIMTED 2015


g). Conferences Presentations

2018: ERMAS - Iasi

2017: NY Econometrics Camp, CEA -Nova Scotia, Panel Data Conference - Thessaloniki, ERMAS -Cluj, REPESEA- Banska Bystrica, GEBA -Iasi, Financial Econometrics Workshop - Paris

2016: NY Econometrics Camp, CEA - Ottawa, IAAE- Milan, NAPW - Quebec City, GDRE – Clermont Ferrand, ERMAS- Timisoara

• 2015: NY Econometrics Camp, SCSE - Montreal, CEA - Toronto, IAAE- Thessaloniki, Panel Data Conference - Budapest, ERMAS -Cluj, CESG- Guelph

• 2014: NY Econometrics Camp, IAAE - London, Data Day - Ottawa, ERMAS - Cluj

• 2013: NY Econometrics Camp -NY, Panel Data Conference - London, TIMTED - Timisoara, CAED - Atlanta, LAMES -Mexico City

• 2012: CAED - Nuremberg, NY Econometrics Camp -Cooperstown, NY, Panel Data Conference-Paris, AISC- University of North Carolina, Computational and Financial Econometrics-Oviedo

• 2011: NY Econometrics Camp-Lake Placid, CEA-Ottawa, CESG-Toronto, Panel Data Conference-Montreal

• 2010: AEA-Atlanta, CEA-Quebec, Panel Data Conference-Amsterdam, CESG Vancouver, NY Econometrics Camp-Syracuse

• 2009: CEA-Toronto, Panel Data Conference-Bonn, ESEM/EEA-Barcelona, Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE)-Lymasol, LAMES-Buenos Aires

• 2008: New York Econometrics Camp-Ithaca, CEA-Vancouver, International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance- Paris, Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE)-Neuchâtel, EEA-Milan, CESG-Montreal

• 2007: AEA-Chicago, CEA-Halifax, Panel Data Conference-Cambridge, ESEM/EEA-Budapest, International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance-Montreal, LAMES/LACEA-Bogota, CESG-Montreal,

• 2006: CEA-Montreal, EEA-Vienna, LAMES/LACEA-Mexico City, CESG-Niagara Falls,

• 2005: CEA-Hamilton, CESG-Vancouver, Panel Data Conference-Copenhagen,

• 2004: Panel Data Conference-Texas A&M, CEA-Ottawa,

• 2003: CEA-Calgary, The Knowledge-Based Economy and Regional Economic Development-St. John's


h). Seminar Presentations

  2018:  University of Lille 1, Université d’Orleans

• 2017: University of Lille 1, Babeș-Bolyai University, Canadian Payments Association, National Bank of Romania, Université d’Orleans

• 2016:  University of Cergy-Pontoise, Université d'Auvergne, Université d’Orleans, University of Bordeaux

• 2015:  University of Strasbourg, Université d'Auvergne,

• 2014: Université d'Auvergne, Queen's University

• 2013: University of Alberta - Edmonton, Bank of Canada -Ottawa, Carleton University - Ottawa, Universite D'Auvergne - Clermont, DFAIT - Ottawa, UVT -Timisoara

• 2012: Binghamton University-State University of New York, Carleton University -Ottawa

• 2011: University of Guelph - Guelph, Carleton University-Ottawa, STATISTICS Canada-Ottawa

• 2010: Carleton University-Ottawa

• 2009: STATISTICS Canada-Ottawa, Syracuse University – Syracuse, NY, Carleton University-Ottawa

• 2008: STATISTICS Canada-Ottawa, Carleton University-Ottawa

• 2007: Carleton University-Ottawa, Ryerson University-Toronto

• 2006: University of Toronto-Toronto

G. Other Professional Activities

a). Conference Co-Organizer:

1.  ERMAS Iasi, Co-organized with Dinu Airinei, Alin Andries, Otilia Boldea, Cristian Litan, Mihaela Onofrei, July 2018 (http://www.econacademia.net/ermas2018.html)

2. 9th North American Productivity Workshop: Co-organizer with Lynda Khalaf - Quebec city, June 2016 (www.napw2016.com)

3. 8th North American Productivity Workshop: Co-organizer with Lynda Khalaf - Ottawa, June 2014: www.napw2014.com

4. 17th International Panel Data Conference: Co-organizer with Jean-Marie Dufour and Lynda Khalaf - Montreal, July 2011

5.  JDI Queen’s: How Access to Firm-Level Data Informs Public Policy, Co-organizer with Christopher Ferrall, Eugene Beaulieu, Kim P. Huynh, Loretta Fung and Robert Petrunia, May 2010

6. CEA Toronto: Co-Organizer of CESG sessions with Lynda Khalaf, 2009

7. Carleton University: Co-Organizer of CESG meeting with Lynda Khalaf, 2009

8. Carleton University: Co-Organizer of Workshop on Nonparametric and Semiparametric Econometric Methods with Lynda Khalaf, 2008

9. STATS Canada: Co-Organizer of Workshop of Firm Dynamics and the usage of T2Leap part II, with Kim Huynh, Rob Petrunia, Jen Baggs, Loretta Fung and Eugene Beaulieu, December 2008

10. STATS Canada: Co-Organizer of Firm Dynamics Symposium with Kim Huynh, Rob Petrunia, Jen Baggs, Loretta Fung and Eugene Beaulieu, April 2008

11. Carleton University: Co-Organizer of Panel Data Symposium with Lynda Khalaf, 2007

12. University of Western Ontario, CIBC Conference on Human Capital, Productivity and the Labor Market, 2003


b) Specialized Courses Organizer

1. STATA specialized courses for: Statistics Canada, Industry Canada (2014, 2015) with David Jacho-Chavez, Kim Huynh and Robert Petrunia.

 c). Academic Responsibilities

1. Teaching

1. Advances in Econometrics (graduate course, PhD), Carleton University, Winter 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

2. Econometrics I (graduate course, MA), Carleton University, Summer 2006, Fall: 2014, 2015, 2016

3. Econometrics II (graduate course, PhD), Carleton University, Winter 2005, 2006, Fall 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

4. Research Methods (graduate course, MA), Carleton University, Winter 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

5. Research Methods (graduate course, MA), Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Winter 2014, 2015, 2016, Fall 2016,

6. Applied Microeconometrics (graduate course), Babeș-Bolyai University, Spring 2017

7. Econometrics for Nonlinear Models and research methods course (graduate course), UVT - Romania, Summer 2013, 2015

8. Statistical Methods in Economics and Business I, Carleton University, Fall 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Fall 2006, 2007, Winter 2008

9. Economic Applications of Mathematics, Carleton University, Fall 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 Winter 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011

10. Intermediate Econometrics, University of Western Ontario, Summer 2003

11. Introductory Econometrics, University of Western Ontario, Summer 2002

12. Introductory Macroeconomics, Concordia University, Fall 1999


2. PhD Supervision

a) Supervision in Progress (with starting year and Direction of Research):

1. Hossein Kavand, - co -supervision with Kim P. Huynh,  second first workshop

2. Lyiming Huang - empirical IO - co-supervision with Matt Webb

3. Parisa Pourkarimi - co-supervision with Gamal Atallah, passed second workshop

b) Supervision completed (with first placement):

1. Mohammad Karimi 2013, Applied Econometrics - International Economics and Finance -completed  - private sector   

2. Luke Ignaczak 2014, Applied Econometrics - Labour - Finance Canada   

3. Mihailo Radoman 2015, Applied Econometrics - Sports Economics – Canada Revenue Agency


c) Co-Supervision completed (with first placement): 

1. Sui Sui (Ryerson University, 2010)

2. Julius D. K. Oloufade 2011- Development - Foreign Affairs - Canada

3. Anand Acharya, Econometrics -  Carleton U - 2016

4. Najib Khan, Trade -  2016

5.  Marie-Helene Felt, Micro Data Analysis -  2016 - Bank of Canada

6. Duangsuda Sopchokchai, Health - 2016 - Canadian Payments Association

7. Susan Benett, Education - 2017 - HRSDC


d) Committee Member (Canada):

1. Vincent Paquet, 2018 - labour - completed

2. James Splinter, 2018 - public economics passed second workshop

3. Timothy Grieder, 2018 - macroeconomics - completed

4. Abdallah Zalghout, 2016 - econometrics, passed first workshop

5. Samira Hasanzadeh, 2017 - macroeconomics - completed

6. Olena Melin, 2018 - econometrics - completed

7. Zhenjiang Lin, 2015 - econometrics – completed –Shandong University

8. Charles Sounders, 2015 – econometrics – completed - UWO

9. Muhammad Ariffin, (Malaysian Government 2014 ) - completed

10. Maoqiong Lin, (Statistics Canada 2014)  - completed

11. Ci Wen, (Statistics Canada 2014)  - completed

12. Azadeh Rahimi, 2013 - time series - macro

13. Yue Xing (Statistics Canada, 2010) - completed

14. Eng Kooi Lim (Competition Bureau of Canada, 2008) - completed

15. Firouz Fallahi (University of Tabriz, 2007) - completed

16.  Hui Liu (Malaspina University College, 2006) - completed 

17. Massoud Khazabi, 2011 - Research & Development - completed

18. Daniel Komlan Fiodendji, 2010 -  Macroeconomics  - completed - University of Montreal

19. Elias Collette, 2010 – Innovation - completed (Industry Canada)

20. Radu Anghel, 2010 – International Trade (Federal Government) - completed

21. Derek Olmstead, Alberta's Market Surveillance Administrator-completed

e) PhD Committee member (France, Romania)
1. Hamit-Haggar Mahamat  (Université d'Auvergne), 2018 - Development -  Statistics Canada
2. M. Weneyam Hippolyte Balima (Université d'Auvergne), 2017 - Development - IMF
3. Mathonnat Clément (Université d'Auvergne), 2017- Development
Ioana Iuliana Tomuleasa (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Iasi), 2017

MA supervision:

1. Angelika Welte - Bank of Canada

2. Casey Jones –Bank of Canada

3. Rallye Shen – Bank of Canada

4. Joan Ofulue – Carleton University

5. Ali Shajari - University of Calgary

6. Anna Gorchakova - Statistics Canada

7. Adam Gadawski- Statistics Canada


3. Administrative Responsibilities

1. Member in the hiring committee for the Finance-Macro Position (2015-2016)

2. Member in the hiring committee for the Econometric Position (2014-2015)

3. Member of Data Science Board (2013- Present)

4. Member in the University Research committee (2007 - 2014)

5. Member in the hiring committee for the Labor/Behavior Position (2011-2012)

6. Member in the hiring committee for the Econometric Position (2005-2006)

7. Member in the hiring committee for the Econometric Position (2004-2005)

8. Econ 2400 Course Coordinator (2011 - 2012)

9. Econ 2201 and Econ 2202 Course Coordinator (2006 - 2009)


4.         Consulting Experience:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada, Business Development Bank of Canada, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

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